The Classic Shave & Brands to Know

In recent years there has been a turn to the unshaven rugged stance on facial hair and a move towards electric shavers, yet there remains no substitute for the clean-cut look that only an original shaver blade can produce. There is a market of specialist’s razors and accessories that have been around since the 19th century that are quietly resurfing, tailored for the quintessential gentleman’s lifestyle.

Among this market are brands, such as Trueffit and Hill, Dr. Harrison and Co., that remain among the most luxurious producers of shaving kits. Trueffit and Hill’s stance towards shaving is an incredibly unique and personal experience, encapsulated in their mission statement: “Shaving should never be on the to-do list. There’s a sensation that comes with being tailored for an expensive suit or opening a vintage bottle of wine. There’s a feeling of euphoria. A high. An appreciation of the moment and an anticipation to do it again. A great shave is exactly the same. Or at least it should be.” The worth of these exquisite shaving kits does not lie merely in the quality of the shave, but in the aesthetic value of the beautifully crafted stand and matching brush that are sure to brighten any bathroom and make any man excited about the shave ahead.

Throughout Sydney there are a number of boutique stores that stock such products from reputable brands, among these is the Shaver Shop in the Galleries on George Street, with possibly the largest selection of exquisite shaving utensils. The craftsmanship incorporated into these shaving utensils allow all gentleman to replicate the clean shave that many Gents from yester era would travel to the local Barber shop for. In more recent years the prices for such products have steadily dropped whilst maintaining the same quality of craftsmanship that has made Trueffit and Hill and Dr. Harrison and Co such esteemed brands.

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