The Bespoke Corner Tailors Teamed Up with Rolls-Royce to Produce Two Limited Edition Tuxedos

I made the trip out to Trivett in Alexandria last night to visit the Rolls-Royce showroom for the launch of The Bespoke Corner Tailors (who we recently featured in our Best Wedding Suits article) collaboration with the iconic motor car manufacturer.

Miles Wharton The Bespoke Corner Tailors

Rami Mikhael The Bespoke Corner Tailors

Founders Miles Wharton and Rami Mikhael have worked tirelessly with Rolls-Royce to create two limited edition tuxedos inspired by a striking black Wraith and a sultry purple Ghost.

The Bespoke Corner Tailors and Rolls-Royce Wraith

The Bespoke Corner and Rolls-Royce VIPS flocked to the Trivett Bespoke showroom last night to view the collection alongside the cars that inspired them, as well as Haute horology pieces from Vacheron Constantin.

I arrived early for a chat with Miles and Rami about the two ensembles and was notably impressed with the tailoring and the scale and professionalism of the event – not that Rolls-Royce ever does anything in half measures!

The Bespoke Corner Tailors Rolls-Royce Sydney

The Bespoke Corner Tailors Rolls-Royce Sydney

The Bespoke Corner has repositioned itself considerably over the past couple of years, moving construction to Tuscany for their top flight made-to-measure products, resulting in a noticeable sense of quality and acute attention to detail.

As somewhat of a traditionalist when it comes to Black Tie, the two creations I viewed last night intrigued me. Initially, they appear to be a tad overzealous, and you might assume that with the mention of materials like Silver Lurex and Plum Velvet. But stepping closer and admiring them as individual garments, and as an inspired collection, they become sophisticated and desirable – they’re statement pieces that manage not to shout ‘look at me’, and with variations viewed on Miles and Rami, they appear to be extremely wearable.

The Bespoke Corner Classic Velvet Plum Tuxedo

The Balvenie at The Bespoke Corner Tailors Rolls-Royce Sydney

The Classic Plum Velvet Tuxedo throws back to the classic British smoking jacket. The colour is softer than the deep purple Ghost II that sits beyond it, and the 380gram material drapes effortlessly. The jacket, framed by a beautiful full shawl lapel, is wonderfully soft to touch, a characteristic enhanced by the presence of silk throughout the cloth. Rami explains that they’ve secured the remaining 22 metres of rare Dormeuil fabric for just ten jackets. Suddenly I’m salivating.

The Bespoke Corner Tailors “Starlight” Tuxedo

Miles Wharton The Bespoke Corner Tailors

The Starlight Tuxedo is just as sophisticated and draws inspiration from one of Rolls-Royce’s most awe-inspiring options – the Starlight headliner. Just like the 1,340 fibre optics that make up headliner, the jacket’s Silver Lurex cloth sparkles under the warm light of the showroom. It’s a unique and eye-catching feature, one that manages to recede when the light is not upon it, at times appearing as nothing more than a traditional Black Dinner Suit with wide Grosgrain Peak lapels.

As someone who knows the Rolls-Royce brand rather intimately, having driven the range and visiting Goodwood, I feel Miles and Rami have captured the Rolls-Royce concept of luxury superbly. The collection is bold but reserved, decadent but considered, with a focus on the best raw materials and quality construction.

The Bespoke Corner Tailors and Rolls-Royce Wraith

The Bespoke Corner Tailors and Rolls-Royce Collection is limited to 30 pieces with prices starting just shy of $4,000. A relative bargain for a product that bears the famous Rolls-Royce logo.

Visit The Bespoke Corner Tailors website for more information.


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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