The 9-Step Menswear Ritual

Proudly brought to you by Stella Artois

Stella Artois developed a 9-step ritual for pouring the perfect draught beer, intricately designed to allow for no variation, ensuring each chalice is as consistently well poured as the last. So precise is the ritual that Stella Artois facilitates the World Draught Masters competition, now in its 18th year, to find the world’s best server of Stella Artois, judged on who can complete the 9 step pour with the utmost precision.

Based on this concept, we thought we’d take the idea one step further and apply it to menswear. Getting ready for work, or a night out, can be a stressful and confusing moment in any man’s day. There’s much to think about, and many things to consider. We therefore present you the 9-Step Menswear Ritual. Follow these steps for smashing results every time you go out.

The Cleansing – All great outfits start with a great base. A hot shower, a lather of soap and a mix of premium facial and hair products prepare the body for the forthcoming day, and leave you feeling fresh as a daisy. Beyond this, using quality products will help prepare for the shave and ensure you’re getting the best possible results.

The Trimming – We all have different facial hair and some require more maintenance than others – however it should never be neglected. If you’re supporting a beard, keep it in shape and trim as required, if you’re clean shaved, make sure you’re using a new blade and lots of cream, always moisturise after shaving and be sure to get those straggly nose and neck hairs in order.


The Steaming – The greatest discredit you can do to an outfit is not have it properly ironed. Every man should be able to iron a shirt – start with cuffs, sleeves and collar, then do up the top button and work you’re way around the body. Focus on the chest, collar and cuffs if you’re wearing a jacket as they will be the areas of high visibility. The steaming requires patience and practice, make sure it’s not too hot for fabric of your chosen shirt and don’t leave it on when you leave!

The Assembly – Once the outfit of the day has been chosen, lay it out and make sure it’s all working as one. Colour pallets should be kept simple and patterns must be complementary. Keep your outfit to one focal piece, you don’t want to draw eyes for the wrong reasons. If you’re wearing a tie and pocket square make sure they suit one another but never match exactly. When getting dressed, start with the underwear and socks, then shirt, then pants, followed by shoes, tie, and finally jacket and pocket square.

The Tying – The all-important tie knot has become a focal point of sartorial suaveness. We’ve seen this taken to extremes in the last two years with differing blade lengths and knots that look almost incomplete as men try to capture an effortless sense of nonchalance with an outfit. The tie knot is dictated by two things: 1) the tie fabric, and 2) the collar type. Thick ties require a thinner knot, so go with a four in hand, thinner ties, you’ll need to build the knot out a bit, so we always use a double schoolboy. Tip: Don’t use a mirror when tying your tie – let your hand and eyes do the work, trust your knot and you’ll achieve more natural result.

The Sole – The glue that holds together an outfit is the footwear and they will make or break your look. Your choice of shoes should match the occasion, your outfit and your personal style. Primarily though, they should be clean and/or polished and have a rounded toe with laces intact.


The Timepiece – If you’re a man lucky enough to own a range of watches suited to a number of individual occasions you’ll already know that a leather strap provides a dressier look whilst a bracelet gives off a sportier vibe. If you only have one watch be it a vintage Rolex or a modern IWC, having a selection of back up straps will increase its wearability. Replace the bracelet or distressed leather number from the weekend with a classy alligator for the work week.

The Aroma – As different colognes and scents bring us such a huge sense of nostalgia we want to associate different fragrances with different occasions. A Sunday session with the gents requires a different scent to your everyday work cologne because we don’t want to associate work with pleasure. Formal occasions will call for a more sophisticated scent, one which may be too imperious in the workplace. The most important thing to remember is not to overdo it! 


The Final Check – The final mirror check is not a time to consider changing outfits, it’s a time to check all the steps have been completed and the final result is ready to bestow upon the world. Check you collar, position your tie knot, do your jacket up, expose your cuffs a touch and you’re ready to go.

The 9 step ritual ensures a pristinely arranged outfit and a perfectly poured Stella Artois. Head to La Societe to keep up to date with all the action at the finals of the World Draft Masters later this month, as well as access members only content and experiences. For more information head over to

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