Teutonic Twosome – Porche Cayman GTS and S63 AMG

A coupé, whatever certain manufacturers might try and persuade us, has two doors, a variable number of seats, rakish profile and sporting intent. Within those limitations the variety is enormous, as demonstrated by two new German additions to the category.

The first is perhaps the coupé taken to the extreme without crossing into supercar territory although it has the power to qualify. The S 63 AMG pumps up the twin-turbo V8 to 436kW which slings it to 100km/h in around four seconds. That’s pretty astonishing for a full bells ‘n’ whistles luxobarge, helped by the fact that it weighs 65kg less than the outgoing model thanks to aluminium panels and underpinnings. It also features Curve Tilting Function, which leans the car into bends like a motorbike or skier. Mercedes says the aim isn’t to improve performance but refinement. The speedo may read up 330km/h nut the car sadly is limited to 250km/h. Spoiltsports.

Porsche’s new take on the two-door, the Cayman GTS may be significantly down on power – 250kW – and incredibly is slower to 100km/h than the Merc, taking 4.6 seconds, but at least could best it in a straight line as it’s able to touch 285km/h. This is thanks to an additional 11kW and 10Nm from the Cayman S based 3.4-litre flat-six. As standard the GTS also comes with the Sport Chrono and Porsche Active Suspension Management systems, allowing the driver to adjust the driving characteristics to suit road, track or anything in between.

So two cars with two doors but very different purposes, powers outputs and prices. Of course the Porsche will be more nimble, more fun to thrash and amazingly, the more discreet of the pair. But it’s just impossible to get past the words ‘twin-turbo V8’, especially a handbuilt 5.5-litre one that sounds like god gargling. AMG it is.

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