Watch this Tesla Model X Beat an Alfa Romeo 4c, While Towing a 4c

I was lucky enough to have a Tesla as my Uber the other night. Intrigued about what the car could do, we asked the bloke driving give us a demonstration, he was more than happy. That’s when I realised how fun a Tesla could be. If you haven’t experienced a Tesla and are still sceptical, this video should help change your mind.  The Tesla Model X does the quarter mile in 11.7 seconds, that’s faster 2017 Bently Bentayga, supposedly the fastest SUV in the world. It also happens to be faster than the Jaguar F-Type Coupe R over the quarter mile. Then it drags an Alfa Romeo 4c, while towing an Alfa Romeo 4c…

To read more about the Model X, check out this link.

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