Tavern Island For Sale

Our resident wine columnist Michael has just sent me an email with a link to Tavern Island – a magical tudor style home nestled on it’s own island for sale off the coast of Connecticut. It continues to baffle me everyday what money can buy you on the residential market in America. Whilst $12.9 million is not pocket change, I can only assume a similar house here in Sydney on it’s own island, would be fetching around the $50 million mark.

There’s no harm in having a dream and making that dream a goal and this one is going to hit the list of many. This property is only an hour away from New York making the unexpected meeting in the city completely achievable. The island has a rich history, first settled in 1651 by British settlers and witness to the British invasion of Norwalk in the Revolutionary War. It also held a number of elite soirees hosted by 1960’s entertainment legend William Rose.

It’s got a unique and warming charm, the entire concept is extremely tranquil – being removed from the mainland in a sumptuous mansion complete with every amenity a man could ever need. Finally for the gentleman that has it all, looking after the property is far from an issue as the island is home to a caretaker’s cottage so when you’re at the lodge in Aspen for the winter you know Tavern Island is in safe hands.

There’s almost 100 photos on the website to get lost in. Definitely worth a look!


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