TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph Collection At Baselworld 2019

To say that TAG Heuer has made its mark on the automotive world would be a drastic understatement. Their infatuation with Formula 1 (and vice versa) has been clear for all the world to see – whether it’s on the wrist of Ricciardo or plastered over the pressboards, TAG is there. Hell, they’ve even released an entire line of Formula 1-inspired watches.

Tag Heuer Autavia

But what some watch enthusiasts might have missed is TAG Huer’s history of excellent pilot watches. While the big boys of F1 were donning a TAG, so too were the airforces of Argentina and Kenya; it’s an odd yet interesting link for the company to make. The TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph Collection is an attempt to combine these two worlds – sky and grounds – to create a contemporary and capable watch.

Sticking with the theme of the modern pilot’s watch, TAG Heuer has utilised a three-hand, simple movement, which points to clearly defined Arabic numbering. The ‘6’ has been left out in favour of a small date window. A large, 60-minute bezel and an exaggerated crown are two of the most boisterous features on the piece and will likely polarise some Baselworld 2019 attendees. The ‘Isograph’ title refers to the carbon hairspring used to complete the TAG in-house Calibre 5 movement.

Tag Heuer Autavia


The main case choice of the collection is a safe stainless steel option, with five separate aesthetically individual watches. For the non-traditional types, the TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph Collection also offers two compelling brown-bronze casing options, which appear considerably experimental when paired with the brown or deep-green faces the pieces are available in.

Tag Heuer Autavia

At a glance, the new Autavias sit on the wrist with a 42mm face, increasing readability and bravado. In case buyers want to take their new watch from the sky to the land to the sea, TAG Heuer’s Autavia Isograph Collection has water resistance to a depth of 100m.  Apart from the different cases, the only differences that are clear between each of the Autavias is the strap or bracelet choice. For example, the blue face/bezel on the stainless steel case and bracelet is a timeless look but maybe a touch too bulky for some. Conversely, the brown face, bronze case, and dark brown leather strap is a very earthy look, despite it being a somewhat unusually neutral watch aesthetic.

Whether you’re flying a Concorde or tearing around the streets of Monaco at 300 km/h, or just hanging around at the office, one of these pieces from the TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph Collection should sit nicely. Expect to pay anywhere from $3,500 – $4,300 USD (depending on your watch of choice). There’s still no official release date for the TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph Collection but their site suggests shipping will begin in June 2019 for the stainless steel range.

Tag Heuer Autavia

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Jay is a writer and content producer for The Versatile Gent.