Tabasco Diamond Reserve Sauce Marks 150th Anniversary

This year marks the 150th Anniversary of the world’s most famous pepper sauce, and to celebrate, McIlhenny Company is releasing Tabasco Diamond Reserve Sauce, a limited edition bottle containing their finest handpicked peppers.

TABASCO Diamond Reserve - 1

This small batch Tabasco Diamond Reserve Sauce is presented in a fancy Champagne-style bottle to compliment the very best Tabasco peppers sourced from Avery Island, chosen for their superior colour, texture and robustness. The chosen peppers are mashed with a small amount of salt, then aged – some for up to fifteen years – and blended with sparkling white wine vinegar to create a Tabasco sauce with exceptional complexity and unmatched quality.

TABASCO Diamond Reserve - 2

The Tabasco Diamond Reserve Sauce is available for a limited time only from the US website only and retails for US$34.95.

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