Swan 98 Sailing Yacht Is Customisable Perfection

Swan Yachts is gearing up to release one of its most ambitious projects yet, the Swan 98. Veteran designer Germán Frers is seeking to redefine boating performance and luxury. And, as the below pictures suggest, Frers is doing just that. Budgeting – both creatively and financially – is not considered with the Swan 98.

Swan 98 From Afar

The Swan 98 is insistent on its belief that no two creations will be the same. Each new yacht will be different for each buyer, catering to their boating needs. The main option for customisation is the telescopic keel that will reduce draught from 4.9 to 3.2 meters with the assistance from the 98’s twin rudders. This addition, the builders say, will be ‘opening up a world of shoal-draft lagoons, colourful harbours and remote, unspoiled anchorages without compromising windward performance.’

Up Top

The minimal deck is suitable for even the most expert of sailors, while still providing bountiful space and leg-room for his or hers relaxed guests. If one were to indulge in the racing package customisation, additions of a square-top mainsail with running backstays and a double-length bowsprit could be included.

Down below

While the exterior and performance design was left to Frers, Swan employed the architectural integrity of Misa Poggi to create a spacious yet humble interior abode. Two interior layouts have been made available – the Owner Aft and the Owner Forward – along with a further four themes created specifically for the Swan 98 experience. A fine weaving of Italian leathers and intricate carpentry embody the 98’s insistence on luxury.

Whether you plan on docking up in Port Hercules and enjoying the European rays from the vast sundeck or surveying the open seas of the Caribbean from below deck (or, anything or any place in between), the Swan 98’s limitless customisation has an option for every kind of sailor. However, all Swan 98’s will share the twin elements of engineering and architectural excellence.

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