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We’ve touched on Svbscription in the past but we’ve never experienced, until now. Svbscription is a luxury subscription service of carefully curated products for men. We got in touch with Svbscription’s Co-Founder Marc to ask him about their latest offering V5: Home by The Selby.


“The parcel is designed to give you a few reasons to invite your friends over and spend some time in your own environment. When we curate parcels we don’t often talk about styling or trends, instead we sit down and figure out what will make home life more enjoyable. What can you add to your weekend that has some experience attached to it. Even if you hate the Mast Brothers fennel chocolate in the parcel, it is bound to be more interesting than something you will find on a supermarket shelf. The Selby did a great job helping us connect with great partners all around the world and creating some new products.”

Home by The Selby brings together a number of designers and creators to produce a collection of items designed to complement the intimate and quieter moments in your life featuring:
– Home Style recipes by The Selby
– Money Box/Vase by Everyday Needs x Martino Gamper
– Key Chain by Parabellum
– Chocolate Bar by Mast Brothers
– Candle by Coqui Coqui Perfumes (Absolute delight)

Without preaching, we all need to consider our home life. Most of us are guilty of focussing on cars, watches and good clothes, but it is also nice to apply that same level of creativity to the simple things at home.

The next parcel V6: The Unexpected is out at the moment. Check it out here.



James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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