Svb­scrip­tion for Men

Today, many men are quite simply too busy to enjoy some of the finer things in life. We know of different services such as hire car companies, laundry services, booze delivery and the like all designed to make life easier for the demanding schedules of today’s gent. Even simple things such as time off from work are becoming increasingly difficult to come by and when we do, we find it hard to decide how to fill our valuable time.  Now a new brand with a unique concept has broken ground with what appears to be a solution to this problem. It’s offering a service to help break the dreariness of a young up-and-coming executives everyday life with an invitation only subscription shopping service with 4 parcels being delivered to it’s guests each year, each one covering a different aspect of our lives some being study, leisure, travel etc… Each parcel is a sort of a personalized concierge that provides you with a unique experience that will certainly appeal to those who love the luxury lifestyle. Svbscription works with a range of luxury brands to select and deliver items that are exclusive, rare and unique. Portion discovery, portion experience. Svbscription connects you to products, content and experiences that are high-end, prestigious and at the forefront of design with custom products, new releases and limited editions at their core.

Svbscription delivers 4 parcels to its members around the world each year and new membership placements have been allocated for V4 due to release in March of this year. Svbscription delivers to almost every country in the world, which includes Sydney, Australia.  Each parcel costing around $300 AUD a parcel, a premium price but for it’s target segment it provides an eloquent solution being time poor but monetarily well healed. With only limited spots being offered each quarter it’s definitely a first come first served basis but I truly do believe that this is an ingenious solution to having some of the finer things in life delivered straight to your door just like the billionaires of today. 

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