‘A’ Superyacht by Philippe Starck

‘A’ Superyacht by Philippe Starck

A photo we posted on the Facebook Page caused quite a stir yesterday so I got on the hunt to find out more about the ‘love it or loath it’ superyacht called ‘A’. There’s not much you need to know about this Superyacht, the pictures can easily do the talking. It cost Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko $323 million to build and has a bomb proof master suite among other ridiculous features including $40,000 shower knobs and walls adorned in sting-ray hide.
It’s designer Philippe Starck says that while most megayachts are “vulgar” statements of wealth and power, “A” was designed to be in harmony with the sea and nature. “This boat has elegance and intelligence, it is not trying to show the money,” he adds. Sure Philippe.

One of the tender boats, also designed by Starck.

Inside the tender! 

Here’s a tour of the yacht by Wall Street Journal.


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