Suitsupply Channel Patrick Bateman With New Jort Collection

80’s inspired Punchy pinstripes, contrast collars and even Patrick Bateman’s transparent raincoat feature in Suitsupply’s latest Jort Collection.

Accompanied by a period-perfect 1 min clip to set the scene, the Jort Collection launched on October 19, on the thirty-year anniversary of infamous Black Monday stock market crash and channels the overtly polished and shamelessly successful ‘Yuppie’. Big paychecks and a ‘zero fucks given’ attitude spawned a generation of supremely well-dressed males, replicated on the silver screen by characters like Gordon Gecko and Patrick Bateman. These confident, brash, power-suited men have inspired Jort Kelder’s latest collection and we’re very pleased with the result!


Suitsupply Jort Collection

Suitsupply Jort Collection

Suitsupply Jort CollectionSuitsupply Jort Collection

Finally, 80’s Wall Street in embodied in a single garment!

Suitsupply Jort Collection

Check out more of the Jort Collection at Suitsupply.

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