Sugar Mountain, Alaska & The Academy Brand

Over the past weeks we’ve been leaving some traces of an exciting new project involving The Academy Brand, some freestyle skiers and an amazing cinematographer named Daniel Coolahan. The project is set up on the back of Coolahan’s latest film, Sugar Mountain, set in the depths of the Alaskan wilderness and featuring a handful of the worlds best extreme skiers.

Venturing well beyond their Sydney base, The Academy Brand uses the film as an opportunity to showcase the versatility of their products in the raw beauty and vastness of Alaska. Unique and engaging, the film removes any preconceptions you might have about The Academy Brand as the beachwear store from Bondi. Instead, we’re seeing the products worn in a whole new dimension and suddenly the brand takes on a bigger meaning and is appealing a new audience.

We’re seriously impressed at the level of production in the clip below, and commend the team over at Academy for integrating their brand into such a unique, and sure to be, incredible film.

Keep an eye out for the Sugar Mountain feature film later this year. 

Alaska. Sugar Mountain. from The Academy Brand on Vimeo.

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