ZANEROBE Open Subtype Sneaker Store in Sydney

The brand new Subtype sneaker store, founded by ZANEROBE, is living proof that destination retail is still alive and kicking.

Subtype is a curated gallery experience showcasing exclusive, meticulously selected sneaker styles, quality apparel and specialty accessories all sourced from the most premium collections globally. It provides a top shelf shopping experience consumers still crave, letting the products speak for themselves and allowing them to be displayed as the designers imagined they would be – in all their own glory, not stored in a warehouse to be shipped directly to the consumer.

The evolution of the store has been a passion project for the ZANEROBE team but also a complimentary fit to their existing business. As a team focused primarily on designing apparel collections, shooting and styling looks went hand in hand with choosing the best complimentary footwear and accessories.

“Our sneaker criteria is based on exclusivity, creativity, innovation and of course how they contribute to completing the best styled look”. – ZANEROBE co-director, Jono Yeo

Carrying top end, platinum lines of sneaker brands including Nike, Adidas, Onitsuka, Asics, Reebok, Puma, Vans, ETQ, FILLING PIECES, RAINS, ZANEROBE, ICNY and JASON MARKK, Subtype provides a unique offering to its consumer and will be one of the first retail stores in Australia to carry the top tier and capsules from ETQ Amsterdam.

Located in Sydney’s CBD on Palings Lane (the walkway into the IVY) the space brings the apparel and the footwear together offering a genuine retail experience filled with knowledge and expertise, and a laid back open door policy.


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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