Subaru BRZ STI

Let’s get one thing straight quickly, TVG aim’s to provide its readers with a well rounded and somewhat affordable selection of motor vehicles, not just Italian Supercars. This particular car is very exciting, not just because it’s a new rear wheel drive sports coupe that looks like the love child of a Lexus LFA and Jaguar XKR S, it’s something a great deal of our audience can afford to purchase.

If you are thinking about your first or second brand new car purchase around $45k do yourself a favour and hold off, at least until you’ve seen this or taken it for a test drive. The Subaru BRZ is set to hit Australian shores in the next few months and from what I have read, is quite a treat. This version is the STI concept which has been confirmed for production and raises peak performance from 147kw to 180kw through modifications to the engine and exhaust system. The STI will also lighter than the stock BRZ featuring a carbon fibre roof and bonnet and racing seats.

I think it looks absolutely stunning, beautiful lines with modest aggressive styling. Please for your own sake, if you are considering going out and buying a bottom of the line stock Audi, Mercedes or BMW with a paltry 1.8 litre engine – don’t. This car deserves to be considered and you’d be a foolish man not to. This is the sort of car you enjoy as a young man with nothing to lose – sexy and fun. You will be a man who has purchased the best Subaru have to offer rather than the worst that it’s European adversaries are desperately trying to sell you.

Get in touch with your local Subaru dealer and show some interest because this car will be quite remarkable, and it’ll also hold it’s value when you want to sell it – a consideration not to be overlooked when purchasing a new vehicle.


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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