Stutterheim Raincoats – Fashionable Rainwear

One rainy afternoon Swedish designer Andrew Stutterheim observed a lack of appropriate fashionable rainwear in Sweden. He endevoured to revive an old fishing style jacket owned by his father, the construct of which was completely foreign to many new and technologically based rainwear companies – so Stutterheim started his own business.

Forget gore-tex and velcro, this hand-made jacket is the only raincoat you’ll ever need to own. Premium quality materials and fabrics are combined meticulously to create these vintage and historically inspired pieces.

Each coat is hand made by a single seamstress, who at completion hand signs and numbers each raincoat. The outer fabric is a soft rubbery texture, durable, comfrotable and 100% wind and water proof. Every single stitch is done by hand and then sealed for complete waterproofing.

Combining country-wear functionality and city-wear styling Stitterheim wanted try and dismiss the sadness and depression associated with the rain. You’ll be praying for the rain after purchasing one of these jackets. The dark green variety of the jacket is a recent addition to the collection, inspired by Stutterheim’s father and a particular British Racing Green Jaguar he used to own in the 1960s – it’s paired with matte silver buttons and a white cotton lining.

“To me melancholy is deeply connected with ‘Swedishness’ and how we look at things. A rainy day is a wasted day so I wanted to see if I could change people’s attitude to the weather.” Andrew Stutterheim

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