ST Dupont – Humphrey Bogart Collection

My fascination with S.T. Dupont started when I began my first Ebay account while living in London in 2005. I’d sit up late at night and trawl through high end accessories from Dunhill and Dupont, buying belts and pens and lighters. Funny now looking back on it because at the time I was obsessed, S.T. Dupont was the most luxurious brand in the world to me and most probably where I began my love for gold accessories.

Lately I’ve been rocking a gold pen, by no means a Dupont but a lovely piece none the less. In the short time since carrying it, the pen has commanded a lot of attention. Perhaps it’s the fact that our world is so dominated by computers and Iphones and using a pen is archaic, or maybe because it’s gold. Either way it’s a strange mix, I find it humbling but excessive if that makes sense. I enjoy writing because I like the flow of my hand and the expression through the pen. It’s also nice to take notes when I could be recording a conversation on my Iphone, but at the same time it’s completely over the top, even sitting on a table or in a jacket pocket it screams attention. But, to be brutally honest I’m enjoying it because people think it’s different and classic, an accessory that says enough about your intentions as it does about your personal style.

On my quest to write an article about owning a great pen, as every man should, I stumbled across a terrific gold S.T. Dupont pen with the silhouette of a man and the name BOGIE etched underneath. This year S.T. Dupont celebrates its 140th anniversary by honoring one very special customer, Mr. Humphrey Bogart. Inspired by a bespoke order Bogart made in 1947, the collection is swathed in 18k yellow gold that is both polished and features their Grain d’orge finish. Bogart, who was rarely seen without a cigarette in his hand was a man of immense style and was never knowingly underdressed. The collection features a lighter (of course), a pen and a lovely duffel bag. The pen is more than enough of a statement – to pull the lighter out, well that would just be arrogant – but in a Frank Abagnale Jnr ‘Catch Me If You Can’ sort of way. As S.T. Dupont say ‘It’s not everyday. But it’s all you’ll ever need.’


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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