Springbank 17 Sherry Wood is A Sherry Bomb

Springbank 17 is a sherry bomb with a beautifully complex character, and at 52% ABV, it packs a punch! Before diving in and reviewing this golden nectar here is an interesting fact. Springbank is one of the very few distilleries to malt their own barley, in fact, they are one of the last remaining operations to complete 100% of the process on site and are still owned by the founding family! Without going into detail this extra care allows them greater control over the final product and in this instance it truly shines through.

Springbank Distillery

Nosing (Aromas) 

The nosing takes you to the seaside with coastal aromas interrupted by citrus notes and punchy spice with cinnamon and ginger coming to mind.

Palate (Taste) 

The palate is where this is a huge winner and in order to enjoy this dram in all its glory add a drop or two of water, preferably distilled water to keep the impurities away. The addition of the water will allow the high alcohol content to settle and the subtle flavours will begin to shine through. Upon the first sip, you are met with a thick and creamy whisky. The sherry notes flow through immediately, meeting oak and pepper and then the surprise comes with amazing bubble gum and Christmas cake note taking me to my childhood. There is a great balance between spice and sweetness on the palate.

Finish (after taste) 

The finish has hints of toffee and peat but it’s the bitterness of the oak that lingers for a while getting your palate ready for the next great sip.

Overall, the Springbank 17 Sherry Wood is a wonderful whisky which represents exceptional value for money even at the hefty price tag.

Springbank 17 Sherry Wood

Notes on the Author – Pranil Chandra is the man behind the Instagram Whisky Blog kyandkey and holds regular corporate whisky tasting masterclass. Learn more at www.kyandkey.com.au

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