Spectacular Texas Quail Rigs

Niche subcultures are truly fascinating. Whether it’s the custom motorcycle community or vintage Rolex collectors, the time and devotion people commit to their chosen passion is admirable – this particular ‘hobby’ is one of the more interesting ones I’ve ever seen.

Below is a collection of spectacular Texas Quail Rigs shot by texan photographer A.Lokey. The photographs come from Lokey’s book ‘Texas Quail Rigs‘ documenting the vanishing tradition and culture of quail hunting in Texas. Lokey traveled throughout Texas’s quail country to photograph and study the trucks represented in his book. Each one of the 120 plus rigs is different, and reflects the personality of its owner and builder. The photographs are as much a tribute to the unique rigs and their owners as it is to an era of tradition.

You don’t need to be a motoring or hunting enthusiast to see the level of dedication, creativity and detail that have gone into these speciality vehicles featuring holsters, swivel chairs, Eskies, sofas, dog cages and canopies – the Rolls Royce conversion is too good! At the end of the day it’s a classic example of boys with their toys, one that only men can truly understand.

You can read more info and purchase the full book at http://www.texasquailrigs.com/

David ,Lucke,Laureles Division of the King Ranch,2007,Chevrolet ,Silverado,Texas Hunting Systems,, Meredith J.,Long,Jones Perro Pasture at Alta Vista Division of Jones Ranch,2001,Chevrolet ,2500 HD,"LGL Animal Care Products, Inc ",, Tom,Smith,Norias Division of the King Ranch,2002,Ford,F-350,Bitter Creek,White Truck at sand dunes, ,,Terry Lee Kennels ,1982,Jeep,Scrambler,, Scott,Carter,1st. Community Bank Lease,1976,Pinzgauer,,Luther Young,Fiberglass dog boxes and plastic gun scabbard 4x4, Harris & Chris,Pappas,San Chicago Camp on the Norias Division of the King Ranch,2010,Ford,F-350,Renteria Welding,Red Truck at Stagecoach Trail, Michael,Deane,Braba Ranch,1995,Chevrolet ,Suburban,Performance Top Drives,Jones Trailer, Alfred C.,Glassell III,Buena Suerte Ranch,1992,Chevrolet ,Silverado Crew Cab,,"Canvas top, flying quail brass hood emblem, water reservoir under dog box, cut outs on side to get up on rear seats, side gun boxes.", "Byron ""Skip""",Coffman,,2005,Jeep ,Unlimited,Whitetail Trucks,Top Drive, Sandra L. & Fausto,Yturria Jr.,Hacienda Yturria,1982,Rolls-Royce,Silver-Spur,John Anderson,"I wanted to honor my Deceased Father-In-Law, Shelby J. Longoria with what was his personal Rolls-Royce. He loved the Hunt, then the conversation! He would be thril Fausto,Yturria Jr.,Hacienda Yturria,2001,GMC,Denali,South Texas Outfitters,I wanted to have something that Gen. Rommel of Germany would have liked to have in this Campaign….Comfort and Storage capacity., Tio,Kleberg,Santa Gertrudis Division of the King Ranch,1958,Checker,Yellow Cab,Joaquin Arredondo and Pedro Castañeda,"Car war built using a checker cab, instead scabbards were hand molded by Joaquin Arredondo at King Ranch. Under carriage today is an 725 Ellen & Ed,Randall,YOLO Ranch,2004,Ford,F-350 Super Duty Lariat Crew-Cab,Zinsmeyer Mechanical & Welding,4x4,,Lake Ronel Oil Company,LROC Hunting Camp,2004,Chevrolet ,F-250,Performance Top Drives,"Called ""3 dog"" Because 3 dog boxes, 9 passenger, 2 Mike's Trickle Feeders on front bumper one each for corn and milo",

All images taken by A.Lokey.


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