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In 2011 when I was in London, the East was far less of a ‘thing’. Sure it was an established cultural smorgasbord with great nightlife but today it’s an area with mass appeal, not just to the hipsters but to the bankers as well. With the ever growing popularity of the area, and the finance district only a short stroll away, the need to accommodate all variety of travellers has resulted in a surge of new hotels offering premium rooms, quality dining and (comparatively) competitive prices – enter South Place Hotel.

Located between Moorgate and Liverpool street, the first hotel by restauranteurs D&D London seamlessly intertwines the City and East End. South Place Hotel London is at capacity all week with a new variety of business clientele who are energetic and creative, much like the area itself. It is however just as appealing to the guest looking to indulge in the neighbourhoods that have influenced the hotel with strong ties to the art, fashion and nightlife of surrounding Spitalfield’s, Shoreditch and Hoxton.

Lobby at South Place Hotel

Inside the hotel is 80 luxurious bedrooms, two restaurants, three bars all featuring bespoke artworks and unique furnishings. On level one is a gym and five private dining or meeting rooms, styled and named after famous spies and secret agents. The energy of the hotel is instantly recognisable with the lobby linked to the main bar and 3 South Place Bar and Grill, which are both lively throughout the day. Workers in the surrounding area treat clients to lunch and later return to the bar for cocktails and drinks.

Main Bar at South Place Hotel

Secret Garden Bar at South Place Hotel

The rooms are dark, modern and styled exactly to my taste. There’s thoughtful touches at South Place that convey the hotel’s playful attitude including a minibar with full bottles of booze, chopping board and knife to accompany citrus garnishes. There’s also a romance package with a condom and lubricant should you require it at 2.30am post a rather large session in the hotel bar. It’s clear that South Place understands what the guest wants (and might need!) right down to my soothing ginger tea on arrival and the 100% blackout blinds that raise and lower at the touch of a button.

Bed at South Place Hotel

Lounge chair at South Place Hotel

Mini Bar at South Place Hotel

Bathroom and vanity at South Place Hotel

The James Heeley amenities are delightful and plentiful, easily the biggest I’ve seen in any hotel. I wanted to take them all but I just couldn’t fit them in. Personally I think that’s the mark of great hotel – on point amenities. If you want to take them all home (like I did with the Hermes amenities at The Wellesley) you’re onto a winner. If you’re saying ‘meh’ you probably won’t be back.

James Heeley amenities at South Place Hotel

James Heeley amenities at South Place Hotel

Following a quick Sauna on level one I headed to dinner at 3 South Place Bar and Grill. The menu promotes seasonal British cooking with a priority on red meat. Strangely I ended up choosing the ‘Kashmiri’ curry, a 36 hour braised lamb shoulder followed by a sensational slice of cheesecake with plum compote and almond brittle. The hotel also boasts a Michelin hatted restaurant called Angler with a focus on seafood from Britain’s shores and rivers. Angler’s outdoor terrace and connected cocktail bar has welcomed numerous top DJ’s including Ricardo Villalobos who, I’m told, migrated a good portion of the party to his suite at the conclusion of his set.

Kashmiri Curry at 3 South Place Bar and Grill

Angler Restaurant at South Place Hotel

Checking out the next morning is tough because getting out of the glorious bed is almost impossible. The staff are delighted to help out with anything you may need and had no qualms with me leaving my bags overnight, making numerous phone calls or confusing them with my pickup arrangements. Once you’ve sorted your kit Liverpool Station and Shoreditch are only a short stroll away with boutique shopping, Australian coffee and great food options – Rochelle Canteen is a must!

The convenience, luxury, dining and value make South Place Hotel a formidable contender in London’s hotel game. Reading Trip Advisor today the Hotel is yet to have a single ‘Terrible’ experience out of 386 reviews which is an amazing accomplishment. 316 of those reviews are excellent and I’ll be making that number 317. South Place is a fantastic first attempt at a hotel from the D&D Group and a superb option if you’re looking for luxury East London accommodation.

South Place Hotel Exterior London


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