South Island 25 Year Old Single Malt Is A Rare Gem

When you think of New Zealand’s South Island you think skiing, beautiful scenery, hobbits, Lord of the Rings and even The All Blacks. But Whisky? Do you think quality Whisky? After today’s review of South Island 25, I truly hope you do. Because it is one of the great whiskies of the world.

South Island 25 Year Old Whisky

The South Island 25 Year Old Single Malt is one of those rare gems from a lost distillery. By lost I mean the distillery at which this whisky was produced has been closed down and once this bottling is finished there will be no more.

I won’t lie, I was not expecting much as I began pouring the first glass. I think that is part of the reason it doesn’t receive the plaudits it deserves. The experts don’t expect much and a New Zealand made whisky isn’t really that sexy compared to its famed rivals.

Anyway, I digress let’s talk notes.

Nosing (Aromas)

The nose delivers amazing floral aromas and light fruity notes with an ever passing scent of smoke, pleasantly taking you by surprise.

Palate (Taste)

It’s only 40% abv but feels stronger. It is light yet punchy. Smoke is more present on the palate but its wonderful green apples and vanilla that combine amazingly well with a touch of spice. A very complex and well-balanced palate.

Finish (After Taste)

The finish brings sweetened malt with oak and the ever so slight hint of pepper.

South Island 25 Year Old Whisky

Overall, South Island 25 Year Old is a winner no matter how you look at it. The only downside is, its available in a 350ml bottle and stock is starting to run low. I bought two, one for drinking and for keeps. Get onto this right now – you will not regret it!

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