South Australian Wines for GenY

The Vino Geek is back with 5 young, funky and fresh South Australian wines for GenY. 

So being Gen Y, I want a wine that is not only delicious, but is just that little bit different. Whether that be a cool label or winemakers, an out-there name, great design or a description that gives you a giggle. There are some seriously awesome things happening in South Australia, and here’s 5 wineries for all you hipsters to keep an eye out for.

Some Young Punks
The name of this one gives it away right off the start line. That’s right, 3 punks just making wine that they enjoy, and it’s bloody good! With wines named Naked on Roller Skates, Passion has Red Lips, Lust Collides, and Monsters Monsters ATTACK!, I think it’s pretty evident that these guys like to have a bit of fun with their wine. This label is leading the charge from the Clare Valley for any young punk after a wine that’ll create some interesting dinner table conversation.


Hither & Yon
Owned and run by brother’s Malcolm and Richard Leask, I guarentee anyone that is acquainted with this brand will recognise their labels by the consistent and well placed use of the ‘&’ symbol. The fun and light-heartedness that the brothers have with these labels by changing up each ‘&’ for each wine is great. These guys don’t mind being a bit cheeky either, with their winemaking skills used for VInomofo’s ‘The Orgy’. Whilst having a bit of fun, their wines will fit easily into any line-up of any premium wine list.

Hither&Yon1Alpha Box & Dice
Another McLaren Vale producer, this winery is one which doesn’t let stereotypes get in the way of their wine (or website). Located in a small shed, the cellar door is weird, quirky & eclectic, but that’s what adds to the experience. This approach flows through into their wines, with them named The Mistress, Tarot, The Kit & Kaboodle, & Changing Lanes to name a few. Their location transitions regularly from a cellar door to a thriving food & music festival location serving their new-age wine and inventive food like ‘Korexican’ – that’s right Mexican with a Korean twist…


A winery that is relatively new on my radar is Vinteloper, owner David Bowley has set up this great label that just goes to show you don’t have to be a big player in the market to make quality wine and stand out from the crowd. With artwork featured on his label that any graphic designer would be proud to put their name to, Vinteloper represents the Adelaide Hills in this list and represents well.


Longview Wines
Another brotherly partnership, Pete and Mark Saturno produce their wines also from the Adelaide Hills. Now here’s some seriously cool wine. With three different ranges, there is a price point for everyone, and the names and branding are second-to-none. The Saturno’s are also really active on Social Media so get your iPhone out now, open up your Facebook app and like their page.

The bottle below is from Longview’s project ‘The Piece’. The project started in January 2011 where people are invited to the vineyard for a day of drinking and cooking and to witness live art as 4 street artists vie for a chance to be featured on the label of Longview’s ‘The Piece’ Shiraz! Awesome concept.


Now you know my 5 wineries that I get crazy about, what’s your go-to winery that’s doing something a little different?

Feature Image from Alpha Box & Dice Facebook page. As does the one below – looks like the most ever .

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