SoHo Residence By ASH NYC – Earthy Interior Excellence

A second-floor abode, the humble SoHo Residence is nestled nicely in the centre of Manhattan’s most charismatic residential suburb. With exterior design overhauls an obvious impossibility in the New York metropolis, innovative design must come from within. ASH NYC have carried this philosophy throughout the entirety of their products in The City That Never Sleeps. SoHo Residence is clearly no exception.

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Earthy browns, subtle off-whites, and warm greys make up the main trilogy of colours in this modern space. ASH NYC completely renovated the property and was left with the perfect canvas in which to display their full creative ability. With plastered brick, natural wide white oak floors and exposed beams, ASH NYC have clearly made the conscious decision to bring a natural presence to a sprawling and futuristic New York City.

Located in the heart of Manhattan, SoHo Residence is modern interior design at its best. To learn more about the father of modern design, read ‘History’s Finest: The Legacy Of Mies van der Rohe.’


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