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When it comes to gift giving, you either get it or you don’t. As it turns out, research from PayPal reveals 4 million Australians fall into the ‘don’t get it’ category, classed as lazy gift givers with more than half of us (53%) buying the same sort of presents year after year. Of course, it’s the men faring almost twice as poorly as women when it comes to putting thought into the gifts they buy.

Two-thirds of Australians (66%) said they received less than two unique gifts last Christmas and almost a quarter (23%) of Australians stated that they didn’t receive even one memorable present. Approximately one-third of Australians justify their uninspired approach to gifting by claiming Christmas presents tend to be hit and miss, so they prefer to buy gifts they know will be well received even if they risk being predictable.

Contrary to popular belief, Aussie males aren’t interested in ‘socks and jocks’ in their Christmas stocking, with this less-than-popular present topping the list for the most uninspired gifts for 2016 at 59%, followed by soap (41%), ties (39%), photo frames (35%) and candles (35%) – a genuinely grim selection.

PayPal Off The Beaten Path The Versatile Gent

On the back of their research, PayPal has launched Shop Off The Beaten Path online portal to connect Australian’s with more than a hundred businesses offering a range of unique, bespoke and memorable gifts to inspire you this Christmas. 

We jumped online to check out what the portal had to offer, searching by category, before helping ourselves to an impressive range of gifts from a handful of great Australian retailers including Status Anxiety, DRNKS, The Daily Edited, Casa x Amuk, Beard and Blade, There Store and Antler & Moss – all purchased with ease via PayPal’s Express Checkout. All of our purchases arrived within four business days, some shipping on the day of order – making the portal an asset for those infamous for leaving their purchases until the last minute.


With very little effort (aside from the forethought to allow for postage time!) PayPal have made it a breeze to break the shackles of present predictability in 2016. Visit to explore your true giving potential!


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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