SevenFriday Watches – Worthy of the Hype

It’s no secret that the watch market it difficult to break in to. Even the re-invention of Blancpain took several years to build momentum and re-establish itself in the upper-echelon of horology. Harder still, is the process of forming a new brand, and creating a product that finds resonance amongst the sort of people who cycle between brands like Rolex and Audemars.


In fact, no new brand has really succeeded in creating a product that can convince an AP brand loyalist to replace their beloved Royal Oak with something less iconic. That is, until the advent of SevenFriday watches. One would be persecuted for heresy if they suggested that a 47mm rounded square watch with a sort of ‘industrial’ aesthetic would capture the masses, and find itself in the company of Hublots and APs. Never mind the notion that such a thing would be well less than $2000. However, here we are; Mid 2015, and the aforementioned has inexplicably come to pass.

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SevenFriday’s popularity has snowballed over the past 12 months, gaining exposure on all forms of social media and watch sites. It seems the unique charm and agreeable price point of these timepieces has proved too tantalising to resist. At first glance, a SevenFriday P-series looks like an extremely complicated bit of kit. However, once you come to terms with the industrial feel of the watch, you realise it is relatively simple in its functions. It sports a simple, and quite thick strap, which helps it look slightly less cumbersome. The lack of lugs also assists in the over all usability, making it less unsightly on smaller wrists.

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Overall the design and aesthetic of the watch make it unique and generally well liked. Although it shows a departure from more conventional designs, it stills sits comfortably in the watch food chain. The movement is a Japanese, as is the construction. And although it is nothing to write home about in terms of complications, it sits well within the European-designed case and keeps the price point more realistic.


Something that is definitely noteworthy is the box. It looks like a miniaturised shipping container. It is composed of recycled materials, whilst still keeping the charm and elegance of a higher-end timepiece’s packaging. All in all, the SevenFriday brand is certainly worthy of its hype. It has to be said that the larger size will scare some people away, but it really is versatile in terms of wrist size. As a company, hopefully they will pave the way for more unique and affordable independent brands to surface, giving the world of horology a slightly lower entry fee. 

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