Serious Glazed Leg Ham

So lets get the first thing straight, the feature image is not a picture of the glazed ham I prepared, it’s actually a shot taken for Maggie Beer’s website. The problem with my ham was that it was so enticing, it didn’t stand a chance – the moment it was out of the oven it was attacked with a variety of carving knives by a group of ravenous gentlemen eager to sample the shiny warm flesh. At the end of the day that’s what happens when you glaze a ham, no one can wait to eat it, you leave it for a second and someone has walked over and helped themselves to a monstrous portion and ruined all your excellent work.

About a month ago TVG spent a weekend at Bluey’s Beach and after a quick brainstorm at the grocery store I decided I’d prepare a leg of ham. There’s nothing quite like it for a group of hungry men, you can graze on it all weekend, eat it sliced, on sandwiches, cook it on the BBQ for breakfast or dice some slices and throw it through a creamy pasta. The best thing about it is just how simple it is to do (it’s also extremely impressive!).

Cooked half leg ham (2-4kg depending on how many people)
1 Cup Pineapple Juice
2 tbls Seeded Mustard
1 tbls Hot English Mustard
200-250g Brown Sugar
Serious splash of Sherry (1 cup really)
Single use aluminium baking tray!

Pour the pineapple juice and sherry into a saucepan and set to a medium heat. After it heats add the brown sugar and stir until it has dissolved. Finally stir the mustard in and bring the saucepan to a simmer – I like to let it thicken a bit, then after 3-5 mins remove it from the heat.

Slide you fingers under the rind of the ham to separate it from the fat – peel it back and remove it. Score the fat in diamond intervals, but don’t cut it too deep! You can add cloves to the middle of each diamond if you want, I didn’t on this occasion because I didn’t have any.

Add a little boiling water to the bottom of the aluminium tray and place the ham in it, then smother every inch of the ham with the warm glaze until it looks radioactive. Basically for the next 45mins in a 180 degree oven you just glaze the thing until your heart’s content. Get all the boys involved and take it in turns, pull it out and brush it as much as you like. To be honest I think the more glaze the better, I don’t think there is a person that will argue with you on this matter, just make sure you don’t leave it for hours and dry it out. When the ham is golden and glowing you can carve it and serve it with fresh rolls and mustard. Perfect for literally ANY occasion.


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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