Sennheiser Momentum Headphones

Every now and then you experience something, try something new or see something that makes you think, “how have I lived without this for so long?” This happened to me this week as the new Momentum headphones from Sennheiser graced my ears.

As far as first world problems go, having poor headphones for your portable music player which streams seamlessly at 320kbs over a 4G network has to be close to the top, however don’t be critical until you’ve tried the new Sennheiser Momentum headphones – they are truly incredible.

Shifting away for the first time from ear-buds I was blown away by the depth and clarity of sound an over-ear headphone offers – you are truly immersed in the music without the invasive feeling of the ear-bud. The Momentum headphones come in an on-ear and over-ear option, the latter of which are available in one of 4 great colours to suit the most fashionable of music listeners.

The construction and materials are flawless, from the soft leather ear pads to the steel sliders and “unbreakable” cable, all of which perfectly compliments the sound quality. Speaking of sound quality, immediately noticeable when listening are the crystal clear high frequencies that the headphones produce, meaning you end up hearing things your music that you’d never noticed before. The low-end of the spectrum is well covered also; you get a deep bass sound without it being over-bearing. However, if the music calls for it they will provide that deep ‘thump’ that’s needed. There’s sound distortion even when on full volume, and despite not being ‘noise cancelling’ per se, very little residual sounds can be heard when wearing either headphone.

Overall these are a delight to use and wear. Both the on-ear and over-ear varieties provide excellent sound quality, beautiful design and unmatched comfort. To find our more or to purchase, head to the Sennheiser website.

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