Scott Schuman Shoots Coach Legacy Collection

Scott Schuman aka ‘The Sartorialist’ is essentially the father of style blogging. His lunch for 25 recently was a collection of the most stylish guys in the world, bringing his brand to life. The good thing about Scott and the reason he is such a respected part of the industry is because he’s turned photoblogging into an art form. He doesn’t commentate on other people’s photos like many style bloggers, he takes the images himself and tells his story through the shots he captures and the people in them. Schuman’s photos are effortless and I think that’s the reason behind his success, people love to look at his work because his style is relaxed and most importantly real. Coach recently asked Schuman to shoot some of his favourite New Yorkers for their new Legacy Collection campaign and the result is as you expected, stunning.


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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