Samsung Galaxy Note7 Explodes In Perth Hotel Room

Yesterday Samsung issued an official local recall for the Galaxy Note7 in Australia following reports of battery incidents across the US, Korea, and Taiwan. Owners have being advised to backup, switch off their phones and return them to the store they were purchased at, with a temporary replacement to be provided by Samsung.

Galaxy Note7 Exploded

At the time of realising no major incidents had been reported in Australia – that Samsung was aware of. A Reddit user said his Galaxy Note7 exploded overnight (Monday) while plugged into the factory issued charger in a Perth hotel room.

“My brand new Note7 exploded this morning while I was still asleep, it was plugged in and charging,” writes Melbourne Redditor Crushader, “[Samsung] told me this is the first case in Australia”.

“Phone completely fried, I can’t eject the sim tray to retrieved my sim or the SD card. I was using original charger and cable if you are wondering. Charred the hotel room bed sheet and the carpet when I whacked it down to the floor, burnt one of my fingers while doing that too,” Crushader explains in the post.

Galaxy Note7 Explodes in Hotel Room

A replacement phone has been supplied by Samsung, and the company is covering the $1800 hotel damages bill according to Crushader.

If you own a Galaxy Note7, it’s time to turn it off and return it.

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