Saibu no Akuma Melbourne

A new business that has caught my attention in Melbourne is Saibu no Akuma. These guys focus only on high quality tailored shirt making, sourced from quality Egyptian Cotton with designs based entirely on the client’s imagination. I went into see them to get fitted up and was impressed by the quality of the product and the overall service and vibe of what they were doing.

The art of human touch is dying. With many tailoring businesses creating online platforms to allow for a wider reach, lower overheads, higher profits and the attempt of standardizing a technique through technology, the word ‘bespoke’ is slowing becoming re-defined from an art of human touch and interaction to something that can be done in the clients’ boardroom. It’s upsetting to see the lack of attention to the journey, and instead a focus on mass turnover.

What started out as a simple idea for enthusiastic Melbourne born entrepreneur Tony Wu has grown rapidly into a brand that’s gaining strong recognition for its creative nature and positive influence on the Australian menswear scene. After witnessing a distinct lack of care and respect to traditional tailoring within his generation, Tony now wishes to be the catalyst towards a change back to the glory days of bespoke. He has since recruited a diverse team with similar goals and outlooks. Saibu no Akuma is their vehicle to educate and spark the community alike on the art of custom shirts, re-engaging and re-designing the definition of a lost art to a younger generation.

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