Sagit – A Short Surf Documentary

A close friend of TVG’s has recently returned from a year long stint overseas, a couple of months of which was spent in Sri Lanka, more specifically the area best known to surfer as A-Bay, or Arugam Bay. After a few days in the water Alex and Ali met a young boy, Sagit, who was dominating the line up on a beaten up old board with 3 left fins. Alex, being the creative mastermind he is, got to know the kid pretty well and pieced together a short story about Sagit.

‘Sagit’ is the story of a 13-year-old Sri Lankan kid who learnt to surf following the devastating tsunami of 2004. Sagit lives in Arugam Bay, one of the country’s famed surf breaks, and is the best surfer his age out there. He borrows his cousin’s old hunk of junk or any other board he can get his hands on.

Please watch and share with your friends. Alex and Ali are hoping that this video will help provide Sagit with a better surfboard, maybe a new set of fins and a better chance at becoming Sri Lanka’s best surfer!

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”400″][/vimeo]


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