Rubinacci Napoli: A Story of Family and Heritage

“Rubinacci Napoli.” These two words embody in their garments far more than just a business name. Rubinacci’s generations of tailoring passion and excellence intertwined with the ever-present soul of Naples has established both a family dynasty and a brand that sits at the pinnacle of the Neapolitan menswear scene, today steered by the authoritative voice that is Luca Rubinacci.

Styles of the Gentry

The Rubinacci family wealth was garnered in the 1800s through trade and shipping. By the time this wealth came into the hands of Genarro Rubinacci, a non-working and aristocratic lifestyle could easily be afforded. However, Genarro took a keen interest in the ever-evolving world of menswear. Inspired by his native Naples and the positive feedback of his fellow gentry, Genarro Rubinacci began his own tailoring emporium at 25 Via Filangieri, originally called ‘London House’. Unfortunately, the elder Rubinacci passed when Mariano was still a young man of school-age. In 1961, Mariano took over his father’s illustrious local company. And it wasn’t long before he brought Naples to the world.

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A short two years after taking over from his father, Mariano wanted to display his love for his hometown. London House became Rubinacci Napoli in 1963. Today, modern suiting connoisseurs understand that an Italian name is a near-surefire way of assuring quality. This was one of Mariano’s first attempts at modernising the family business. Through decades of international trade and renowned, Rubinacci Napoli opened a branch in Milan in 1989 and London in 2005. By spreading the word of his business, Mariano has spread the influence of his family. This family/business dichotomy is common across generations-old Italian fashion houses, and Rubinacci is no exception. Although the entire family is certainly involved in the maintenance and prevalence of Mariano’s work, Luca Rubinacci has become a clear and popular face of the brand.

The Rubinacci’s today.

Looking Forward

His official title is ‘Creative Director’, but Luca Rubannaci is more than an innovative mind. A quick visit to his Instagram is a sound argument that the fashion icon’s next frontier is the internet. Partners and clients of Mariano understood that he simply had to sell suits. This same charisma, charm, and passion for menswear are truly alive in his son, Luca. More than just another one of the countless Instagram ‘influencers’, the younger Rubinacci uses his reach to create brand value by showing and telling the lesser-fashion inclined how to really dress, as well as display some rakish styles of his own.

This family dynasty has perfected the art of walking the fine line between a humble and aristocratic air. This is communicated through their exquisite garments, aesthetic and customer values. But more than this, Rubinacci is a stronghold of Neapolitan culture. Thankfully, it looks like things won’t be changing anytime soon.

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