Royal Stacks, Chatswood

Burger joint Royal Stacks has arrived in Sydney, and it looks unreal. Westfield Chatswood is chosen as the lucky location of Royal Stacks, one of Melbourne’s favourite burgers.

These burgers look truly exceptional, adding another great burger to Sydney’s already ample supply of burgers. The menu offers a royal family like selection of burgers, The King, Miss Elizabeth, Prince Harry and more. The hatted chef Kerby Craig tries to differentiate Royal Stacks by adding a different element where he can; The King is packed with mac and cheese croquettes! Also, owner Dani Zeini claims his burgers won’t leave you bloated, being prepared with fresh ingredients and in-house buns, “what makes our burger unique also is the bread is formulated for our stores only and has a low starch content which won’t leave you bloated.” To be honest, I think customers would put up with bloating for a regal looking sovereign like this.  With multiple stores in Melbourne, let’s hope Sydney sees the same love and opens a second location.


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Royal Stacks Chatswood

Take a look at the Royal Stacks menu here, and get excited to tuck into a juicy burger.

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