Rolla’s Jeans – Spring Summer 2013

Denim continues to be a huge industry for designers and brands alike, but it can be a tough market to break into. There is a lot of denim clutter out there and at times it’s hard to break through the noise. Rolla’s is a new Australian company doing just that though – the brand was conceived by former Wrangler directors and designer couple Andy Paltos and Sarah Gilsenan, it is a fresh and interesting take on the former 70s label Faberge.

Faberge was an Australian denim label born in the 70s and Andy and Sarah always had dreams of re-launching the brand. Instead however, the designers chose to highlight Rolla’s with iconic design details of Faberge such as the all-time favourite pocket shape and stitch. For Andy and Sarah, there is a constant focus on creating something that offers a fresh perspective to a currently traditional denim market.

The sense of optimism and free spirit of the 80’s scene in Australia is something that the designers wanted to imbue within the Rolla’s brand ethos from the start in order to bring back a ‘rock ‘n roll’ element to Australian denim, something, they feel has lost its way.

Denim jeans should be valued on longevity and character, a good pair will look better with each day you wear them. In re-establishing denim ‘values’ of the 70’s and 80’s Rolla’s has honoured these values and presented a Spring Summer range with variety, attitude and individuality.

Spring Summer 2013 is all about long summer days spent hanging out at the local milk bar in a mix of lo-fi cool denim staples and your favourite worn t-shirt. Check there website for current retailers.

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