Rolex Passion Market Is The Only Place To Purchase Honest Vintage Rolex

The Rolex Passion Market, created by Philipp Stahl, aims to alleviate the concerns regarding trust in the vintage watch market. His blog, Rolex Passion Report that he curates with his close friends and avid Rolex collectors, is exceptionally in depth and educational – a must visit for any Rolex fan. Since the inception of Rolex Passion Report, Philipp has received many questions from both novice and professional collectors asking where they can purchase ‘honest’ vintage Rolex. So the idea behind the RPM was born, total transparency with only the most trusted dealers in the world so buyers can be confident they are purchasing from true and honest retailers as passionate about Rolex as they are.

Here’s what Philipp has to say:

“As I believe in an open and fair market, I decided to start a trusted marketplace that benefits everybody, next to my Passion Reports. To my idea of building up a network that covers the world of Rolex friends offering these vintage Rolex where I believe, many already responded enthusiastically! Watches that are not enhanced by look but are still as good as in the condition as how they’ve been delivered in the past are the criteria to get listed. The preservation we all aim at to have in our collection as quality, originality and provenance have become the keywords in our hobby. Only these ‘honest’ vintage Rolex that will be offered on RPM, will eventually gain popularity in the future. Not only collection & passion wise but in the long run, money/investment-wise.”

Philipp is constantly surrounded by the finest Rolex’s known to man and his Passion Market is no exception. In a current market rife with replica, Franken, NOS and botchy modifications, the Passion Market takes the nerves out of buying over the internet and hoping you are going to get the product you think you are. The watches on the Passion Market are the finest Rolex models in the world, sold by the most respected dealers in the world. Such a fantastic concept that will benefit so many new and old collectors. Be sure to check it out!

Here are some examples:

Explorer Ref.6610 1957

Daytona Ref.6263 Green Oman Dial

Cosmograph Red Seal Star Index Ref. 6062 (The Grail!)

GMT-Master UAE in Steel Gold Ref.16753

GMT-Master Pointed Gilt Underline – Tiffany & Co Ref.1675

Rolex Double Red Sea-Dweller “Mark IV” – Ref.1665

The Passion Market truly is the crème dela crème of Rolex with something for every budget. Every watch was worth posting but you should go an see them for yourself, complete with excellent descriptions and perfect histories, a pleasure to view!

All images from Rolex Passion Market:


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