The 25th Rolex Maxi World Championship and Wally Boats

The 25th Rolex Maxi World Championship is being held this week in Northern Sardinia, Italy from 31st of August to 8th September. The world’s finest sailors will be racing 27 of the largest, fastest and most technologically advanced yachts. The Yacht Club Costa Smeralda started this fine tradition over 30 years ago and Maxi Yacht fleets now flock to the Porto Cervo each September. The regatta regularly atracts upwards of 20 maxi yachts and is a who’s-who of international sailing.


There are seven divisions racing this week that range from the 18 to 24-metre Mini Maxi class, which competes for its World Championship during the event, to the Supermaxi division which hosts yachts of 30.5 metres and above. The race is an astounding spectacle of human engineering together with the passion of racing and the romance of the open ocean. Watch out for Wally Class defending champions ‘J One’ from the United Kingdom and Supermaxi Class 2013 runners up ‘Firefly’ from the Netherlands. They are my tips to bring home the championship this year. 


My eyes, however, will be solely upon on the racing class dedicated to Wally yachts, a company that I personally admire and respect. Current president, and founder, of Wally Boats, Luca Bassani Antivari, is the only two-time winner of the world’s most important prize for industrial design, the Compasso d’Oro. His company was born of a passion for performance, design and the ocean. Based in Monte Carlo, Monaco, Wally boats are a unique blend of sleek, stylish and minimalist design. Form and function are paramount and come together seamlessly in the hands of the seasoned designer and yachtsmen. 


If that wasn’t enough to get you to love Wally Boats as much as I do, then perhaps their partnership with Hermès to produce a private floating island may. Wally-Hermès Yachts are set to produce a 58 meter 2,400 tonne diesel electric powered yacht of unimaginable space, light and tranquillity. They are taking an entirely new look at mega yachts, their design and their environmental impact.  Designed for low energy consumption this behemoth will also be ground breaking in the areas of efficiency and environmental sustainability.


Below is the initial rendering of what the interior and exterior of this opulent manmade island will look like on the open ocean. The price tag is yet to be announced but with only best materials and products sourced from Hermès and the finest design and attention to detail from Wally, it wont be cheap even for the richest that walk among us. 

For results and news from the 25th Rolex Maxi World Championship head here

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