Robert Downey Jr.’s Eclectic Watch Collection

It’s fair to say that Robert Downey Jr. has been through some tough spots in his life. After finding career success early on, the actor picked up some pretty bad drug habits in the late 1990’s. It seemed that Robert Downey Jr. would be just another failed Hollywood experiment.

But, fortunately for us and fortunately for RDJ, this wasn’t to be the case. Iron Man himself has picked up a much more clean and sustainable habit: watches. Here’s just a few he’s accumulated through the years.

Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX3 Tourbillon GMT ($92,000)

An old favourite, the Jaeger-LeCoultre was worn throughout the Iron Man series and personifies the man behind the mask: charismatic, confident, and cashed up. The open back suggests a love of the mechanic – which I supposed is what Iron Man is known for.

Omega Speedmaster Professional ($4,000)

This sporty little number is one of Downey’s more easy and casual wears. If your net worth is above $250 million USD I suppose a $4000 watch is casual.

Bamford Watch Department Customised Rolex GMT Master II “Ghost” ($17,825)

Can’t go wrong with Rolex, and the Bamford Watch Department Ghost is no exception. The story goes that for a buddy’s birthday, RDJ decided that they needed matching black watches. A great gift idea! Unfortunately, I’m still on more of a matching bracelets-type budget.

Rolex Submariner Hulk ($9,050 – or $18k if you live in Australia!)

Another casual inclusion in Downey’s collection. “It’s green so it looks like money.”

Baume & Mercier (‘priceless’)

Downey’s most sentimental piece. A classic watch with a rectangular face, the watch belonged to his grandfather before eventually finding its way in to the hands of RDJ.

Bell & Ross Titanium Orange ($3,000)

In my opinion, Tropic Thunder was a gift both to the world and to RDJ’s reemerging career. Ben Stiller didn’t think that was quite enough. After the wrap, Stiller gifted his new friend this square-faced masterpiece.

Patek Phillipe Nautilus ($33,200)

Last, but certainly not least is the classy Patek Phillipe. This watch was a gift from Downey’s wife, Susan, and soon climbed to the top of his watch pile. In an interview with GQ, Robert Downey Jr. wants to make it clear:

‘It’s an extremely classy and desirable watch… Also, I don’t want to incur her wrath.’

Compared to other entertainment industry elites of his calibre, Robert Downey Jr.’s collection isn’t astounding in price value. But unlike others, every watch comes with a neat little story about how he acquired the piece, and what that watch means to him to this day. Downey’s style can be attributed more to that of a watch accumulator rather than a watch collector. It’s a good life when roughly $170,000 USD worth of watches come to you.


Jay is a writer and content producer for The Versatile Gent.

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