Riedel Cobra Verde

If you know your wine then you’ll appreciate that there are certain wine related items that you simply can’t do without. And while decent glasses and a trusty de-corking tool are of paramount importance, when was the last time you took interest in the quality of your decanter?

To commemorate the 55th anniversary of their headquarters in Austria, the clever chaps at Riedel have produced a very limited, hugely impressive decanter known as the Cobra Verde. Standing a lofty 65cms in height, this absolute masterpiece is as much a proclamation of personal importance as it is a decanter, quickly stamping its authority as the ultimate collector’s item.

Not just a piece of beauty, the Cobra Verde’s free‐blown coiled design double decants your plonk, accelerating the aeration process for those bottles that haven’t developed as one would have hoped. The striking design of this handmade piece has been enhanced in size to accommodate magnum‐sized wine bottles (1.5 litres) – ideal for those of you with a handy collection of large format wines.

Neatly coated by ribbons of green and red crystal that wind from the mouth to the base, the design pays homage to the glassblowers of Venice. A gorgeous, eye-catching colour scheme will ensure it’s the centre of conversation next dinner party. This collector’s item is presented in a generous wooden box, which in many ways is as impressive as the decanter itself. Weighing 12kg in total, the box only adds to the romanticism and importance of this limited piece.

If your decanter isn’t up to scratch then you’re doing yourself, your guests and, most importantly, your wine a complete disservice. The Cobra Verde may seem pricey, but when you consider the craftsmanship and care that has gone in to each one you will come to understand why you’re parting with your hard earned Christmas bonus.

What does your decanter say about you?

RRP $1,300

Stockist: Riedel Australia 02 9966 0033 or riedelglass.com.au

Here’s a video of the amazing scarring process used to decorate the Cobra Verde’s case.

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