Review: Philips Shaver Series 9000

Many might find it comical that I’m about to divulge my opinion on a piece of high tech shaving equipment given my somewhat baby faced appearance. Granted, I couldn’t grow a beard, and I won’t be supporting a 5 o’clock shadow any time soon. That said, I am a man, and I do require some maintenance in the facial region, 2-3 times a week if I’m on top of it. So with that, I qualify to review what would have to be the most impressive looking piece of shaving kit I’ve ever laid my eyes on. 

The Phillips Shaver Series 900 has all the bells and whistles of electric shavers, with innovation and practicality at the heart of the offering. Luckily for you, the innovation and technology is tucked away behind the excellently designed unit, meaning the shaver is very simple to use  – it’s literally a matter of unpacking, charging and applying to face. What’s the innovation you ask? 

Philips Shaver Series 9000 - S9111:26

Incorporating Contour Detect Technology, the three heads on each shaver can flex in eight different directions to adjust to any face shape. Their adaptability helps to cut up to 20% more hair in a single swipe for a quicker, cleaner shave. Additionally, each Philips Shaver Series 9000 model has patented V-Track Precision blades that work in harmony with the flexible shaver heads. Meaning they intuitively and gently position each facial hair in the optimum cutting position for a clean shave that takes precision to the next level. 

The shaving heads are also easily interchangeable to a Beard trimmer and precision trimmer for those looking to touch up, maintain or trim. 

So, how did I find it? Quiet. It’s deadly quiet, so much so you question whether it’s on. I have this memory of electric shavers and my Dad, and all I remember is an industrial-like noise that woke me every morning as a child. We’ve come along way since then and the latest Phillips offering is testament to that. Don’t let the lack of sound fool you though – this is a powerful, precise and effective piece of equipment. The three shaver heads shape to your face as you roll over the skin, trimming with ease and leaving but a few hairs to tidy up with some more distinct and concentrated action. Another huge benefit of is the ability to wet shave with it, a pain point that pushes many men away from electric shavers (due to dryness and irritation through dry shaving). Well fear not, AquaTec technology means you can use your favourite foam or gel while you shave and it won’t affect the performance of the blades. This for me is a huge drawcard as one who suffers from dryness in the wintery months. 

Throw in a compact travel case and a very smart self cleaning dock, and the Phillips Shaver Series 900 is everything you need to jump into the wonderful world of 21st century of shaving.  


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