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On Instagram recently  I stumbled across RD Horology New York. The company caught my eye with a gorgeous picture of a Breguet style dress watch with textured dial and Arabic numerals (seen below). After delving a little deeper I discovered a treasure chest of goodness!


Richard Daley, a resident of Albany New York is constructing some seriously good looking and great value entry level watches. Daley hand assembles and tests all of his watches taking him about a week per watch and they start at a crazy $195US! You can mod them as required, choosing between an ETA(Swiss) and Seagull(Asian) movement, there is also the option of adding crystal sapphire for an extra $100. For a fully spec’d watch from RD Horology you’ll be looking at around $500 which is still a solid price for this level of work.

In a recent interview with Richard on Keep Albany Boring (Published yesterday) he explains, Each watch I create is built from over 75 components and is about a 7-day process of assembly, regulation, testing and quality control. All my components are curated from sources around the USA, and also the globe. 
Currently I am in the stages of producing some new in-house components. Dials and Cases being the first two on the list. These will be 100% USA made and I am working with small companies in the Capital District.”

At the moment Richard has two variations of the Pilot’s watch on his website, a B-UHR Flieger and a Vintage Pilot – both are awesome but I’m especially taken by the hand wound B-UHR Flieger which appears to be in quite a thin case, blending the looks of IWC’s Pilot range with the size of the vintage Portuguese model – what a combo! There’s no arguing that Richard’s designs are on seriously on point.

Richard-Daely-RD-Horology-The-Versatile-Gent-B-UHR Flieger

B-UHR Flieger


ST-36 Movement


Vintage Pilot

Richard’s approach to watch making (and selling!) is honest and admirable and I’m genuinely stoked to be sharing what he’s doing on TVG. Because of the hand assembled nature you have to Pre-Order your watch and allow him time to build it but I suggest doing so quickly because before you know it there will be a year wait for these beauties!


All images from RD Horology’s Website and Instagram


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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