The Range Rover Sport PHEV Dragon Challenge Is JLR’s Best Stunt Yet

Earlier this month, in my Jaguar E-Pace review, I commented on JLR’s proficiency at conceptualising and completing awe-inspiring stunts with their new cars. Last week, they published their Dragon Challenge clip featuring the new Range Rover Sport PHEV (which I’ll be driving next month) and it might just be their best stunt yet.

Range Rover Sport PHEV

Not only does the clip capture the suspense of driving the harrowing stretch of road and up the 999 steps to Heavens Gate, it entertains by introducing additional personalities with their own stories about the famous Tianmen Mountain in China.

Range Rover Sport PHEV

Formula E driver Ho-Pin Tung was tasked with the navigating the Range Rover P400e through the seven miles and 99 turns before a nerve-racking ascent up to the Heaven’s Gate rock arch which no vehicle has ever set tire on. Jaguar Experience’s Phil Jones explained that his team had no way of proving that the Sport PHEV could handle the unique challenge. One errant steering or throttle input and the 293kw Range Rover Sport would come tumbling down the treacherous staircase.

Range Rover Sport PHEV

For me, the Range Rover Sport PHEV activation was both entertaining and wonderfully shot, and I can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for Defender in 2019!

Check out the epic clip below.


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