Rafa Nadal: Win’s Tennis, Loses RM027 Tourbillon

So Rafa Nadal has won his 7th French Open in a row which is excellent of course, but he’s also managed to misplace his 2nd Richard Mille RM027 Tourbillon, a watch valued at over half a million dollars. Despite being made specifically for Rafa,┬áthis model had a production run of 50 pieces, but if Rafa has lost two, Jay-Z has one, the guy in the photo below has one and another was auctioned in 2011 by Only Watch then that’s 10% of the total production accounted for.

To be honest I’ve never taken much notice of Richard Mille watches. I visited the store at the Marina Bay Sands when I was in Singapore in 2010 and found the watches quite ugly. There’s no denying that the mechanical prowess of Richard Mille is something to be in awe of, but at half a million dollars aesthetics is going to be essential.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw Rafa wearing his watch while playing for the first time. Not only was I astonished he was wearing a $525,000 watch playing tennis, I questioned the weight of the watch prohibiting his movement. Well after having a read about it I quickly found out why he could ‘sport’ it whilst playing – it’s so light it floats in water. The entire watch with band weighs in at an astonishingly light 20 grams, including the band. The movement features LITAL Alloy which helps bring it’s total weight to 3.83grams. The RM027 is one of the lightest watches ever produced which is an amazing achievement, add a skeleton tourbillon movement to the list and you’ve got a phenomenal timepiece of sheer engineering brilliance. Oh well, I’m sure Rafa has an Iphone, he can check the time on that, along with the rest of the world.



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