Question time with Morten and Jorn, the founders of Linde Werdelin.

This isn’t the first time LINDE WERDELIN watch company has graced the pages of The Versatile Gent. Last year I had the pleasure of spending the day on Sydney Harbour chatting watches with Jorn Werdelin whilst he was in Sydney promoting the company with the Australian distributor.

My admiration for LINDE WERDELIN has always been pretty clear – I think it’s one of the coolest watch companies on the market today. Morten and Jorn make truly functional and unique watches unlike anything else in the industry. They’ve also executed one of the finest pieces of marketing I’ve ever seen, a graphic novel called ‘The Perfect V’ which embodies the story of their brand in a meticulously hand drawn comic! We recently got the chance to ask the gentlemen a few questions about the history and ideals of LINDE WERDELIN, getting into the industry as well as being general watch enthusiasts. Here’s what they had to say.

Our friend Anish wears the SpidoSpeed Gold DLC whilst reading LW’s graphic novel ‘The Perfect V’

1. Why watches? What do you love about them?

Previous to LINDE WERDELIN I (Morten) designed other watches and have always been affectionate to this long-lasting and valuable object. I started this company with Jorn, whom I’ve known since I was at school and shared the same interests. Sports and watches.

2. How did you meet and where was the idea for LW born, was it created as a passion project or to fill a niche in the market?

Jorn and I have known each other since a young age. We had different backgrounds (design vs. business). We partnered in 2002 and founded LINDE WERDELIN. Since then we solely owned and manage the company.

We developed a new idea: a highly crafted sports watch, when required, can be combined with a professional digital instrument to provide the right level of information at the right time for skiing and diving.

For me (Morten Linde), “analogue is the best way to read time; digital is how you assimilate technical details”. A perfect combination of analogue and digital that delivers style and function, without having to compromise.

3. What sets LW apart from other watch brands and why should someone consider purchasing one?

LINDE WERDELIN has redefined the essence of a highly crafted sports watch. Combining mechanical and digital technologies. As per today, we are the first and only watch company doing this.

LINDE WERDELIN timepieces have built-in short time a strong DNA and brand identity thanks to a strong personality and free-spirited features.

4. LW watches have a truly functional purpose when paired with their respective instruments, was the idea for the instruments born at the same time as the watches or did it evolve later?

Absolutely together. The watches’ design and craftsmanship is highly influenced by the functionality of the instruments.

5. The LW designs are so unique (case shape and style), how did they come about, what inspired them?

At  LINDE WERDELIN the combination and balancing between design and craftsmanship is the ingredient for a lasting and beautiful timepiece and instrument. The skeletonised case, characteristic of the Spido family, has been designed to convey a futuristic 3-dimensional result. For the Oktopus Dive Series, instead, LINDE WERDELIN has  developed an innovative five-part case construction to ensure absolute performance in and outside water.

On all LINDE WERDELIN timepieces, the angular case is distinguished with indentations at 3 and 9 o’clock to hold the instrument in place. The faceted design allows the strap to seamlessly fit into the case. Working on such a small surface and carving the case metal into perfectly cut facets requires a highly meticulous and experienced craftsman.

6. LW watches are crafted from a number of precious metals, what raw materials are used to create LW watches and which is your favourite?

Materials is a core topic for LINDE WERDELIN since March 2012 when we launched the new Dive Series Oktopus II. As all the craftsmanship is influenced by the functionality, for the diving collection we have employed the best anti-corrosive materials: rose gold, titanium and ceramics. The case of the Spido family, for weight reduction with integrity of strength purpose, is crafted in titanium, steel or gold.

7. LW is not a ‘manufacture’, what are the advantages of using an external movement ‘manufacture’?

For LINDE WERDELIN each piece crafted is powered by a movement that suits the inspiration of the watch. The advantage is to collaborate with the best independent Swiss watch-makers to craft precision mechanisms that give life to each of the timepiece creations.

8. What makes a ‘good’ watch and what do you tell your friends when they ask for your advice when they are looking to buy a watch?

It really depends on what you are looking for. I would start by saying a watch which is not pushed too much by marketing. A true brand, where its founders are present and follow its evolution and development step by step, progressing in each new released model. A watch which retains a strong brand identity is also important. What’s the story behind the brand? Is it a functional watch, a purpose for being constructed in this specific way? Craftsmanship is crucial if you are looking for a high-end watch. A brand that contributes to bring something new to the market.

9. What advice would you give to anyone looking to get involved in the watch industry?

Have a great, innovative idea. Make sure you really want to do it. Be patient. Extremely passionate and knowledge about the industry.

10. Aside from an LW if you had to wear another watch what would it be?

Exclusively LINDE WERDELIN for both of us. And always a new model!!


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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