Punkt – Getting You Back Into The Real World.

I am often growing frustrated with the social paradox of sitting around a table with a group of friends drinking beautiful wine or super cheap beer and having everyone – myself included – spend more time interacting with their smartphones than each other.

Enter Punkt. – a Swiss Technology brand attempting to bring all of us lucky enough to own a smartphone back to a simpler time – classic Swiss Minimalism included.  Designed to introduce a breath of fresh air to the consumer electronics market, Punkt. creates outstanding, timeless products intended to do their job without intrusion into the owners time and attention.

The MP-01 Mobile features a crisp, bold minimalist design with monochrome buttons and a soft-touch casing and dotted black panel back. Uses are focused on calls and messaging, with additional features limited to a calendar, clock and Bluetooth connectivity. Punkt. assures us the phone can last around one month on standby, with 290 minutes of talking time. The bare essentials have never looked so good.

I’m 100% sold. You can register now to be in the know regarding release of all Punkt.’s new wares, if of course, you can drag yourself away from all that connectivity you hold! The MP-01 mobile is set for release this month, in conjunction with London Design Festival 2015.

Other products worth a look include a beautifully designed alarm clock that does nothing but wake you up and tell you the time and multiple accessories that will de-clutter your life. Check them out and register here

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