Aston Martin Project Neptune – A Luxury Submersible

The name’s Pond, James Pond. 

You could be forgiven for thinking that Aston Martin’s long association with 007 has gone to the collective heads of its Marketing department if you were at the Monaco Yacht Show last week where the company announced details of Aston Martin Project Neptune; a luxury submersible. Or perhaps while other luxury car manufacturers are throwing money at SUVs, Aston decided to take the concept of an off-road vehicle to its logical extreme?

Project Neptune

Project Neptune is a joint venture with Florida-based Triton Submarines which has been making luxury underwater craft for about a decade. Project Neptune is based on the company’s proven Low Profile platform that is specifically designed for use with super yachts. 

The design, with its large canopy, sleek pontoons is apparently the smallest and lightest three-person sub in the world although that doesn’t stop it from being the slowest Aston Martin ever made, with a top speed of three knots, although it can do it 500 metres down. And it does have elements above the canopy which echo the DB11s floating roof design. Sorta. Presumably, the cabin is lined with wood and leather although neither of those mix well with sea water. 

Project Neptune

Production will be limited to 12 boats a year and the price is US$4m. Well, how else are you supposed to get from your stealth superyacht to your secret underwater lair?

Last week Aston Martin also locked in a new title partnership with Red Bull Racing for 2018.

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