A Definitive Guide: Premium Journal Brands

In my piece on how keeping a journal repurposed my thinking, I discussed the utility of writing things down in your own, physical parchment. Whether you need a simple planner to schedule your day or are looking to document your travels, these below premium journal brands have you covered.


Bruneschelli’s Dome (or Duomo in Italian) is a structural magnificence that signified the height of the Renaissance. One of the most premium journal brands, Duomo is inspired by the creative prowess of Italy’s golden era and this is reflected in their wide range of journals and diaries.

The ‘Tuscany Journal’ is a simple canvas for all writing needs. Made with Italian leather and ingenuity, DUOMO hopes this book will inspire any ideas, reflections, or plans for the future.


A smaller, more niche diary and planner company based in Melbourne, MiGOALS products are essential in the simple pursuit of getting things done. Daily interaction with a MiGOALS planner guarantees an improved shot at your own personal success. It’s nothing but a thought until you write it down and make it real. According to MiGOALS founder, Adam Jelic:

The average human has over 50,000 thoughts per day meaning we struggle to maintain focus and control in our day to day. The simple benefits of keeping a journal or diary is we gain more focus, clarity, direction in our lives and ultimately feel less stressed andmore in control of our day to day lives.

‘The 2019 HC Diary’ is perfectly split into three key sections: diary, goals, and budgets. This allows for determining your ideal future and allocating your energy in the present. In this respect, MiGOALS planner and diaries are a little different says Jelic:

‘We have incorporated regular check-ins throughout the year for people to stop, pause, and plan their next moves. Basically, by doing this and working in shorter, sprint-like cycles people tend to build momentum quickly and get into the habit of making continual progress as opposed to giving up because it all seems too hard.’


Smythson has been a staple of the Brittish market for generations, an honour that includes the current holding of three Royal Warrants on behalf of Her Majesty. Adding to their curriculum vitae, Smythson has also been specialising in journals and planners for over 100 years.

The ‘2019 Portobello Diary’ is a provocatively simple yet useful diary. A navy blue colour of soft deerskin, the diary includes a 2019 week-to-view entry. This is essentially a pure planner, with room for endnotes. The product helps to cement Smythson’s entry among the best premium journal brands in the world.

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Aspinal of London pride themselves on creating beautiful products that last a lifetime – and their diaries are no exception. Each diary is handmade, prioritising premium luxury materials and traditional creation processes.

The ‘Rustic Refillable Leather Journal’ is a blank canvas of potential. Its refillable nature means that it should last a lifetime thanks to the soft Italian calf leather. If bought online, Aspinal Of London also offers a free embossing of initials on all their products.


Although hurdling to popularity within the last decade or so, Filofax has maintained a steady and evolving market that has its roots in the First World War. Filofax company has changed hands and ownership many times in the 21st Century, their penchant for luxury diaries remains consistent, thus sustaining them as among the most premium journal brands.

A cornerstone of their service, the ‘Holborn Personal Organiser’ is pure organisational excellence. The small book also holds cards and is continuously refillable, ensuring high-quality use for years to come.

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Continuing a very Brittish trend on this list is Liberty London. The company’s style and kit expertise extend well beyond just diaries or journals. Opening in 1875, Liberty London has maintained its coveted presence in the West End of London for generations. Their beautifully made journals are a testament to their tradition.

An especially elegant entry, the ‘Ianthe Notebook’ is perfect for the general jotting down of ideas as they strike you throughout the day. The intricate detailing helps them to stand out among other premium journal brands while also making for perfect desk decor.


An Australian business focused on sustainable homewares and design, excellent journals came naturally to uSchA. The brand is heavily eco-centric, prioritising handmade, naturally sourced products that are ultimately good for the surrounding environment.

All of USchA’s products are especially sentimental and their journals are no exception. The ‘Writers Journal’ is purposely made for the man who wants to be whisked away by his thoughts and the subtle thrill of putting pen to paper. The ‘Writers Journal’ is also hand-stitched and encased in premium buffalo leather.


Midori is a classic Japanese stationery company which uses simplicity to become a staple among premium journal brands. The business often bundles their many stationary goods to create a full writing or creative experience.

Midori’s ‘Traveller Notebook’ is a passport-sized world companion. Made for random sketches and entries, the cowhide leather and small size equate to a formidable and easily transportable journal. The purchase also comes pre-loaded with Midori’s Japanese paper – bleed through-resistant and fountain pen friendly.


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