Porsche Mission E Concept

The internet has gone into meltdown following the launch of the Porsche Mission E Concept in Frankfurt, and rightfully so, it’s an absolute beauty.

Similar in appearance to the legendary 911, the Mission E Concept utilises two electric motors, similar to those used on the 919 Hybrid race car turning out more than 600 horsepower, with power going to all four wheels via torque vectoring system. Porsche have estimated a 0-100km/h sprint of 3.5 seconds.

“When we designed this car, we knew it had to be a real Porsche,” chief executive Matthias Müller said in an interview on the eve of the Frankfurt Motor Show. “It had to feel like a 911.”

For some reason every headline I’ve read about this car is referring to it as a ‘Tesla challenger’, who I bet shared some of their technology with Porsche anyway. Off course it will be to some extent but realistically if this car goes to market it will be in 2018, and undoubtedly twice or three times the price of the P85D, just because it’s a Porsche. This is a lovely looking car, and with Porsche supporting fully electric cars, an important step for the progression and acceptance of electric vehicles. But, I’m not going to call it a Tesla challenger because I’ve driven the Tesla Model S and I bet by 2018 Tesla will be doing things the Porsche Hybrid department can only dream of.

Gosh it looks good though!

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