The Porsche 992 Is Worthy Of Its Predecessors

‘Most people who buy a new 911 have had one before, so it’s a very simple proposition for us at Porsche – the new one has to be better than the old one, it’s that simple.’ – August Achleitner (AKA ‘Mr. Porsche’), Vice President of the Porsche 911 line.

A rather special event occurred in Los Angeles last week – the unveiling of the new Porsche 992 – the result of four years of blood, sweat, and gears, and decades of Porsche’s mechanical ingenuity. And yes, it more than meets the expectations of 911 admirers everywhere.

The 911 is a driver’s car, first and foremost, a scintillating combo of acceleration, control and speed – three factors we’re told the Porsche 992 understands intimately. Starting with the important stuff, the standard rear-drive Carrera S goes 0-100km in 3.7 seconds; a monumental feat for any car that doesn’t have the word ‘super’ or ‘ultra’ in its name. The all-wheel-drive 4S shaves an extra .1 off that, and with the Sport Chrono package, drivers can expect to hit 100 in an astonishing 3.4 seconds.

Working with the Carrera S, the output of the six-cylinder turbo has an output of 331kw – a 22kw jump on its predecessor. The Porsche 992 has also dropped their PDK seven-speed gearbox in favour of an eight-speed. Although the eighth gear will roughly match the capacity of seventh in previous releases, the change has been made to minimise the large rev gap between the final few gear changes. The transition from six to seven, to eight, is all equal in terms of revs. The obvious result is shorter gear intervals from one through to eight.

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These driver-centric changes were necessary for Porsche to continue their legacy of motoring excellence. However, the Porsche 992 has also taken on added interior and technological change thanks to demand from Porsche’s ever-growing Chinese market. A 10.9-inch touchscreen and navigation with traffic updates are not unusual for a luxury car. However, Porsche’s ‘wet’ mode offers the driver a safer option when encountering slippery surfaces. The Porsche 992 actively senses the wetness of a road and warns the driver. With a touch of a button, the vehicle can initiate a safety mode, guaranteeing more traction and safety.

For extra safety measures, a thermal imaging camera has been included to help detect road-running fauna or those pesky early-morning cyclists. With this keen mix of traditional mechanics and high-tech innovation, Porsche continues to nudge the cunning 911 into a bright future.

The Porsche 992 Carrera S is predicted to be priced at roughly $265,000 while the 4S will go for $281,000. Expect the Porsche 992 to hit Australian roads between March and June of 2019.

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