Poolhouse O by Steven Vandenborre

Let’s be honest, this structure could easily be a home to the majority of us. It’s not a house, it’s a pool house. Poolhouse O is a glass box framed by a prominent concrete structure that sits at the far end of the client’s large garden. Poolhouse O is hidden from view of the main house by the surrounding planting. The raw solid concrete framework accommodates a dining area and a terrace with a barbeque while spanning out over the pool. Frameless glass walls ensure views of the garden and pool and can be slid back to open up the corner of the pavilion to the outdoors.

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Belgian architect Steven Vandenborre also added a freestanding timber-clad volume that houses a toilet, shower and kitchenette to Poolhouse O. These features are revealed by opening a large sliding door. “The overall atmosphere is a combination of rough and soft materials, creating an intense, silent luxury,” said Vandenborre. “The length of the pool allows you the experience of swimming in a garden, under a building and in a building.”

With a pool house like this, one can only imagine what the main house looks like.










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